I hope Faroe Tourism doesn't mind me using the title page of their brochure. I thought it was very good and a good advertisement for the Faroes. And let's clear this one straight away, the spelling. My Encyclopaedia Britannica spells it Faeroe Islands, my spell check (Microsoft) does the same, but the Faroese spell it: Faroe. And this is what I will stick with.

Yes this is what these couple of pages are all about, hiking the Faroes. This is not in Egypt, it's in the North Atlantic. Drawing a straight line from Scotland to Iceland, in the middle there sit the Faroe Islands.
What's in the name? It comes from Danish meaning Sheep Island. There are a few sheep around, it's the main agricultural activity.

What made us go there? It was Jim's idea, he wanted to add to his collection of Viking places. From here we also went over to Shetland, another place with Viking history.

As usual it was only Jim and I, the lightweight and efficient travellers. Mind you listening to Jim at the beginning of the trip one wouldn't have thought so. His Rucksack weighed in at 5 kg more than mine, I'd suppose with lower body mass he can afford to carry a bit more.

And how did we get there? Easy, from London with Atlantic Air straight to Vagar, that is the airport in Faroe, about 50km from the capital: Thorshavn. From the Faroes we moved on to the Shetland Islands and than on to Edinburgh. Read all about it in this web page.

How is it organised? I think I do it sequentialy, a few days at a time and a button to move on to the next section.

14–16 July 2004 - arival to Klaksvik 17–18 July 2004 - Viðareiði
19–21 July 2004 - Klaksvik & Leirvik 22–23 July 2004 - along the coast
24–26 July 2004 - Eiði to Vestmanna 27–30 July 2004 - Thorshavn
31 July–3 Aug 2004 - Lervick & Northmaven 4–7 Aug 2004 - Unst & Lerwick
8–13 Aug 2004 - Edinburgh

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