Waking up was fairly slow, I only looked at my watch at 9h30, Jim was up like a shot. I don't know why because we had a day off.
First breakfast than down to the shop before it closed (it was Saturday) and than down to the Atlantic Ocean admiring all the cliffs. In the process we spotted a seal. The weather, for the first time in our stay on the Faroes, was gorgeous, sun most of the time, although still a bit cool.
eidi cliff.jpg, 90140 bytesBack to camp for lunch and than to the top of the hill Kallur, that was 343m. Here we were standing on top of the highest vertical cliffs of the islands with a fantastic view along the coastlines.
Close to the top was an old wartime installation, some concrete building possibly used by the British for U-boot spotting. What gave it away was the graffiti in one of the rooms 'Heil Hitler' and a swastika.
After than it was down to the Fish & Chips shop for some super hamburgers for a super price of DK50 each. Back in the Aufenthaltsraum we met Trevor and Margrit, both Australians working in Hong Kong. They are on a tour through Iceland and Norway.


Because the bus would only leave at 14h00 I stayed in bed until 9h30, it was raining anyway. The rest of the morning was spent having breakfast and talking to our new friends from Hong Kong. They will also be using the bus to get back to Thorshavn. Our plan was to take the bus down to the bridge over the Atlantic, walk over it along the main road to Hvalvik and from there over the mountain to Vestmanna.
This was a steep up to about 400m and than along the top for a while. The ground was soggy and difficult to walk on. Jim actually was the first to suggest that we stop, which is very unusual. But it took us a while to find a suitable place for the tent, everything was either wet or bumpy or both. Eventually we found a place at the highest point of the hike.


We had camped on some moss, it made for a very comfortable sleep, and Jim only managed to get me out by 9h00.
The walk down the hill took longer than I had thought. It took us past a fish farm in one of the dams. Climbing onto one of the platoons Jim managed to catch some of them in a net. There were millions of smallish sized fish. We figured it was smylt, these are small salmons, which will be transferred from here to the sea nets. Down in Vestmanna was a bit of confusion about where and when to catch the bus. But eventually after walking up and down the village we found the right place with 10 minutes to spare.
The bus took us to Torshavn, where we set up tent again at the same place. Later on the campführer advised us that we should move our tent. It's St Olaf's day and lots of folk have come into town with the sole purpose of getting pissed. Our tent was very close to a beer tent being erected, so we gladly accepted his advice and moved to the opposite site of the ground where all the non-pissing foreigners were. Walking into town was very unsuccessful in that I didn't buy anything. My credit card wouldn't give me any money because I couldn't find my secret PIN which I had noted down in a secret way in a secret place. Fortunately I had some Euros, to be exchanged when the banks open in the morning.



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