Day 3 (30-11-05)

I have to reconstruct the route we took from the map, because it was dark most of the time and we were asleep. Early in the morning we had reached a place called Posadas. So I presume we had crossed the big river following the Uruguay border and then over to the Paraguay border at Posadas and on from there to Iguazu.
11h00 we arrived in Iguazu, straight into taxis and to the hotel. There we didn't linger and took the next bus to the falls, entrance cost was A$30 pp. One of the attractions on offer was the river ride up to the falls. With hesitation I parted with A$240 for the three of us, but found that it was worth every penny. At great speed we went against the current, jumping and flying over the rapids right up to the waterfall, such that every one got wet. The day was completed by doing the standard hikes along the falls and taking plenty of pictures. We left the park with the last bus fully satisfied with what had been achieved.

Day 4 (1-12-05)

What's to be done? This was discussed over breakfast. Eric, Tiens, Gabriel and Rosa went over to Brazil and the others back to the park. Initially I wanted to join the girls on the jungle walk, but when working out the times decided to rather go to the island, which is what Christopher, wanted to do.
First to the Sheraton Hotel with the beautiful views over the falls. We left Eleni behind, inside the air-conditioned building and went down to stand or sit in the queue to catch the boat over to the island. After waiting for some time and doing some calculations on how long it would take we had to abandon and went back to the hotel. Quickly taking some more pictures as we went out.
After a swim at the hotel we proceeded down to the bus station. Eric and Tiens arrived with minutes to spare. They were full of stories how we missed the best part of the falls, I elected not to belief them.
It was only us going by bus, the others took the more expensive flight back to BA the next morning. Again we had front row seats.

Day 5 (2-12-05)

Now we had a day to kill in BA. Left the luggage at station and made our way over to the Subte at Retiro station to go to the botanical garden and the zoo. The Botanical Garden was not worth our while, the zoo was much better, but as usual we didn't have enough time. I still managed to get a coffee stop in between.
And now over to the Castelar Hotel to meet the others and to get last minute instructions from Monica. She had organised a day room at the hotel, our sub group used it to recharge the camera batteries and to have a shower and sauna. The afternoon was finished with an expensive and somewhat disappointing tour of the opera house.
What I hadn't mentioned yet was that we were going to take a bus to Bariloche rather than flying as originally planned due to the airline strike. In the early evening we went back to the Retiro bus station by Subte, collected our luggage and hopped onto the bus. Again we had front row seats, not sure how this happens.

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