Day 9 (Monday, 29-9-03)

What was to be done with a whole day in Lisbon? First we had to have breakfast in a very cramped space, I felt like a sardine. After that same routine again, buy a Metro ticket and into town we went. Out at Rossio and up to the castle. Walked around the walls for a bit, had coffee in the coffee shop and found that most museums are closed on Mondays. And now down into the old town, Alfama, just below the castle. Again through narrow streets, up and down some steps, past old houses, some of them run down, oops sorry I have been there before.
Eventually the split happened when some of us (me) refused to go one step further. We decide to look at something more modern and took the train from the Santa Apolonia station to Oriente. This was the site of the 1998 world exhibition. Things looked very progressive around here; there was this big Pick and Pay-type supermarket (62 tills). We had a look around there to see what type of chocolate they had and also to search for the Caviar paste that I got to know and love in Iceland but which is also available in Norway and Germany. No luck.
Our real aim was the Oceanarium, which we found a short walk from the station. At the entrance it was advertised as €11 per person, when I paid I only paid €20.50 for the three of us, I did not question why.
This, we the family agreed afterwards, was certainly worth seeing. The well laid out different climatic systems and the specialised smaller displays as well as the huge aquarium in the center made our visit a total success.
On the way back we did something non-traditional, we had a hamburger for dinner at the station. Taking the Metro back from here to the hotel was another success story in navigation.

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