Day 10 (Tuesday, 30-9-03)

Breakfast, stashing away luggage and off to town we went. Eric made us take a day ticket (€2.75) which can be used on any train, tram or bus for the day. This turned out to be a saving.
First we had to march up this hill again, this time to go to the fleamarket. It was a successful visit, I managed to find a Roman coin for €10, and it is now in my Roman coin collection. Unfortunately it had started to rain. Now off to some museum (decorative arts). Some of us stayed outside and rather had a look at a well-stocked antiquity dealer.
And now into one of those vintage trams that took us down the mountain and into the no.15 out to Belem. One finds a number of things there: the tower of Belem, some cloister, a few museums and some parks. A hot dog on the run was lunch, followed by a quick run around the cloister and Christopher and me using the ladies because we couldn't find a toilet for the gents.
And into a bus, followed by the Metro to the hotel, collecting our luggage, into bus no.22 to the airport and off we went back home with a one-hour delay for technical reasons again.