02-08-2002 (Friday)

Getting into Tromsø Jim decided that we must walk over the top of the island to the campsite on the mainland. That was about 10km of walking with the heavy rucksack and in drizzle. On the way we had to have a stop to fill up with blueberries. Exciting was walking over the bridge, it's about 500m long and goes to a height of 60m above the water. On the way we stopped at some sort of café and were horrified at the prices, buying hardly anything.
The campsite is on the edge of town half next to a crystal clear river into a forest, very green and very wet. We were offered a special price; I don't know why, of only 120 Kr a person a night. We immediately had to celebrate by buying a coffee at 15 Kr each and 5 Kr for a refill. That, we thought, was reasonable.

03-08-2002 (Saturday)

This was the day for exploring Tromsø by walking through the town centre with the aim of finishing up at the Tromsø museum. The museum is at the southern end of the island, i.e. a long walk past typical wooden houses and flower-rich gardens. The museum was interesting; special interest to me was the geological and Viking section.
On the way back I insisted that we take the bus back into town at 21 Kr it was not a cheap trip, but I had to, my legs were getting weak with all that walking through town. Our main aim now was the Eurospar Supermarket to get a few things to eat. I was surprised not to be able to find a small glass of jam. One could only obtain 500g or 1 kg. It looks like these Norwegians are consuming the stuff in large quantities thus no small quantities. Jim managed to find some cheap past sell-by-date cheese. Overall I thought the selection in the shop was somewhat limited, I suppose as a result of them keeping out of the European Union and putting up high import duties. We also sorted out the next days activities. We will take a bus at 7h10 in the morning to Kilpijärvis in Finland.
At night we collected some mushrooms, those were Rotkappe or Leccinum aurantiacum, also some blueberries. A few word about our surrounding. Our tent is pitched in a jungle. Everything here is very green with lots of trees and at places impenetrable undergrowth.

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