Corona Photo Competition

The All Star Hiking Club had a on line photographic competition during the time of the lock-down when we were compelled to sit at home. This was just one method to stay in contact and to have some fun. We set different themes for each competition and organised some photographic people to judge the pictures and allocate 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Only cell phone pictures were allowed. I am using my website temporarily to show all the entries and the results.

The results of the first competition are here.
link to the 2nd competition with the theme kitchen utensils.
to the 3rd competition with the theme water.
to the 4th competition with the theme paper.
to the 5th competition with the theme pen & pencils.
to the 6th competition with the theme reflections.
to the 7th competition with the theme wildlife at home.
to the 8th competition with the theme symmetry.
to the 9th competition with the theme flowers.
to the 10th competition with the theme hobbies.
to the 11th competition with the theme food.
to the 12th competition with the theme autumn.
to the 13th competition with the theme nostalgia.
to the 14th competition with the theme abstract.

1st Competition 27-March

Rules of the Photo Competition
The theme of the competition is "texture, outdoors".
Pictures to be taken with a cell phone only.
Post- processing is allowed, but only in the cell phone
Pictures to be sent via WhatsApp direct to the group, I will pick them up from there.
Closing time tomorrow, Saturday, 18h00.
Judging will be done by Uwe Soltau in Pretoria.
And here a few of my own thoughts about the theme. Just remember just showing texture on its own does not make a picture. I would want to see some composition, some centre of interest, which could be the texture, balanced by something else, lines and curves also help. But this is only my opinion, the judge may have different ideas.

1st prize
CPC texture 02
author: Frans
judges comments: I like the mood created by the light cactus spines against the dark green background and the added leaf. I would rotate this picture 90 degrees to the right and then crop a bit off the left but even as it was presented it had the most impact for me.
2nd prize
CPC texture 02
author: Eric
judges comments: This is a very close runner up. The composition is very good. The fresh green leafs are showing how new life can start at strange places. I like the cropping, changing the picture to a different ratio but would have cropped a bit more on the left and at the top to get rid of the blue spot in the top left corner.
3rd prize
author: Dave
judges comments: An interesting combination of two textures. Good composition.
and following, the other pictures, no comments available
author: Judith
author: Jenny
author: Tania
author: Oliver
author: Horst
author: Michael
author: Jörg
author: Christopher
author: Roger
author: Kelly