Rules of the Competition
The theme of this competition is “flowers at home”.
Pictures to be taken with a cell phone only.
Post-processing is allowed, but only in the cell phone
Pictures to be sent via WhatsApp direct to the group, I will pick them up from there.
Closing time Monday, 13 April, 18h00.
My interpretation of the subject. Whatever you can find around the house and garden that is not domesticated, i.e. dogs and cats. It could be a bee in the flowers, butterflies, birds, spiders, cockroaches, rodents etc.
Judging will be done by Milton Evangelou

Below the comments of the judge.

To start off some comments about my way of looking at pictures.
My philosophy about photography
I joined a photographic club in 1968 where I learned the rules of composition and camera techniques. All that helped me to take what they call “good pictures”. By strictly applying those rules pictures started looking pretty much the same, and looking at them became boring for me after a while.
Yes, applying composition rules is good but a picture should have more, it should either convey a message or have impact and evoke a feeling in me.
Different people will react very different to pictures, so when judging, my selection and comments could be completely different to another judge.
Please accept this in a good spirit.

The best picture for me is #14. This may surprise you? The picture would probably not get very far in a club competition but for me it definitely has impact. The author has tried something different by shooting against the sun. That created a beautiful rim lighting along the stem. I like the light shining through the petals. I also like the pattern of bright spots in the blurred back ground. The technique to achieve this is called “Bokeh” but in this case it probably happened by coincidence.
Second picture for me is #3. This picture strike through simplicity. There is nothing to distract me. Taken against the sky, the Strelitzia stands out beautifully and the hint of clouds in the sky adds to the impact.
Third picture is #10. I like that the author has added the water droplets. The colour of the flower is so powerful that the background does not distract.
#1,4 and 15 were in the running for position three. Nice pictures, just lack a bit oomph.
All the other pictures are not bad. Most of them need a bit of cropping and the background should be blurred. Too much cropping would reduce the quality though and may not be possible.
Additional specific comments for a few pictures:
#7 Pity the petals are damaged.
#8 Very bright spots on the leaves and the flower are distracting
#16 The colours of the white flower are beautiful (perfect exposure)

1st prize
author: Dave
judges comments:
2nd prize
author: Roger
judges comments:
3rd prize
author: Horst
judges comments:
and following, the other pictures
author: Jenny
judges comments:
author: Frans
judges comments:
author: Almè
judges comments:
author: Judith
judges comments:
author: Rosario
judges comments:
author: Oliver
judges comments:
author: Eleni
judges comments:
author: Hester-Louise
judges comments:
author: Tania
judges comments:
author: Jörg
judges comments:
author: Christopher
judges comments:
author: Michael
judges comments:
author: Eric
judges comments:
author: friend of HL
judges comments: .
author: Allen
judges comments: