Rules of the Competition
The theme of this competition is “wildlife at home”. Pictures to be taken with a cell phone only. Post-processing is allowed, but only in the cell phone Pictures to be sent via WhatsApp direct to the group, I will pick them up from there. Closing time Monday, 13 April, 18h00. My interpretation of the subject. Whatever you can find around the house and garden that is not domesticated, i.e. dogs and cats. It could be a bee in the flowers, butterflies, birds, spiders, cockroaches, rodents etc. Judging will be done by Milton Evangelou

1st prize
author: Christopher
judges comments: The foreground canna and bee are nicely exposed and sharp. Because of this the bee stands out nicely against the blurred background. The bee is also placed in a strong position in the image.
2nd prize
author: Michael
judges comments: The butterfly is nice and sharp and placed in a dominant position in the picture. The overexposure of the background especially on the right is distracting.
3rd prize
author: Almè
judges comments: The exposure and sharpness is good overall. Your moth was placed too central in the frame and it looks unnaturally placed in the frame. The bright green grass also detracts from the moth.
and following, the other pictures
author: Rosario
judges comments: Congratulations on spotting the ant. Unfortunately the ant is too small in the frame and out of focus causing your main subject to disappear into the background. Move in closer.
author: Jörg
judges comments: I like the way you placed the insect between the two leaves. The magnification is quite good of your subject. Unfortunately your overall image is not sharp enough and overexposed.
author: Horst
judges comments: Good magnification of the fly on the flower. It was placed in a strong position. Again detail is lost due to soft focus and overexposure.
author: Judith
judges comments: I like the s curve that the earthworm forms against the textured background. The exposure is quite good but the image lacks sharpness.
author: Jenny
judges comments: If you used horizontal format and just zoomed in on the hadeda you could have cut out the distracting foreground of the pot plant. The exposure is good but the whole image is out of focus.
author: Oliver
judges comments: Unfortunately the goldfish are lost in the picture by the very busy background caused by the reflection in the water. A polarizing filter could get rid of the reflection. I don’t know if can attach one to a cell phone?
author: Dave
judges comments: like the diagonal composition of the caterpillar in the frame. The red head stands out. I find the bright foreground and background distracting. This is an exposure problem.
author: Tania
judges comments: I like the placement of the bee in the picture the overall exposure and composition is good, but the bee is not in focus.
author: Kelly
judges comments: Very good exposure and composition but your ladybird is not sharp. You focused more on the desert rose than on the ladybird.
author: Frans
judges comments: You photographed some nest against the bright wall. They actually look like two sausage rolls. I would have liked you to move in closer so that I could see more detail. You would have a much better composition and cut out the plant on the right.
author: Eric
judges comments: The overall focus is quite good but the bee has lost detail due to overexposure. You focused more on the petals instead of the bee.
author: Roger
judges comments: Your bee is nice and large in the picture but it is not sharp and overexposed. Because of this a lot of detail is lost. The very bright highlights on the background are also distracting.
author: Allen
judges comments: I like the overall composition of the image. The quartz crystals make interesting shapes. The exposure is good and the fly is in a strong position in the image. Unfortunately it is not sharp enough.