Rules of the Competition
The theme of this competition is “writing instruments (pens and pencils}”.
Pictures to be taken with a cell phone only.
Post-processing is allowed, but only in the cell phone
Pictures to be sent via WhatsApp direct to the group, I will pick them up from there.
Closing time Tuesday, 7 April, 18h00.
Judging will be done by Uwe Soltau.

1st prize
author: Eric
judges comments: Good composition and tells a story " Pencil has been sharpened and is ready for Sudoku " Like the shavings.
2nd prize
author: Tania
judges comments: #8 and #9 These pictures show a very similar approach but with one difference - the background. #9 has a very nice plain background. The pencils stand out nicely but they are "only" a pattern without a focal point.One could have turned one pencil around to show the tip. The pencils of #8 are also a pattern but the background showing a page of a coloring in book adds to the message:  "Ready to start coloring in". Very nice!
3rd prize
author: Roger
judges comments: Pleasing picture, good composition. I like that the "artist" is still busy coloring in
and following, the other pictures, no comments available
author: Jenny
judges comments: Like the plain background but it should have been extended to the horizontal surface. Take a sheet or cloth, put it on the horizontal surface and bend it up keeping a radius, which will give you the same color background for the whole picture and you don't have a horizontal line running through the picture ( called "infinity curve")
author: Hester Louise
judges comments: Good picture and composition but lacks impact. Maybe the invitation should have been filled in. Why two pens?
author: Judith
judges comments: Good composition but too much information to look at in the background - rather busy.
author: Horst
judges comments: Funny picture. Composition could be better. As far as the background is concerned refer #2
author: Jörg
judges comments: I like it. Looks very much like graphic art. A horizontal flip of the pen would balance the picture better. As is it is very "heavy"  (black) on the left. For a more interesting story I would have added the ink jar and changed the composition.
author: Allen
judges comments: see #8
author: Rosario
judges comments: A very good idea. Crop top and bottom so that only a white background is left. The rubber should be at the bottom left which would give you a nice triangular composition.
author: Oliver
judges comments: Where are the pens? As is there are too many tools. One hammer and one or two chisels composed in a different way would have been better.
author: Frans
judges comments: A bit of fun but what does the "padda" want to do with the pens?
author: Michael
judges comments: I like the picture. It has good composition and it tells a story. It is nice that one can see that the sketch was drawn on a spiral bound block, indicating that is was not purchased. I also like that the cap of the one pen has not been put back. I don't like the very dark table surface at the top and right. A lighter color would be nicer.