Rules of the Competition
The theme of this competition is “paper”.
Pictures to be taken with a cell phone only.
Post-processing is allowed, but only in the cell phone
Pictures to be sent via WhatsApp direct to the group, I will pick them up from there.
Closing time Saturday, 4 April, 18h00.

Judging was done by Mike Tarmey, one of my photographic friends, not only this we also spent many hours together working on projects at AECI in Sasolburg.
And here a few of my thoughts about the theme. Paper! No, I have no thoughts, I leave it to your imagination. And notice I added another day to give us more time to come up with those super pictures and to give me a bit of a break.

1st prize
author: Tania
judges comments: I saw this shot as the best balanced image. Again I have shown the Golden Circle Leading you from the Path Care document round the rest of the image.
2nd prize
author: Oliver
judges comments: I have superimposed the Golden Circle on this photo. See how your eye follows the curve from the perfectly placed Webafrica document round through the other papers.
3rd prize
author: Eric
judges comments: I have superimposed a Thirds grid on the photo. The spectacles are there, though I would have liked them a little over to the right.
and following, the other pictures
author: Hester Louise
judges comments: A simple but excellent idea. Moving the books over to the left to give more room on the right would strengthen the shot.
author: Judith
judges comments: Another good idea. If the positions of the two lower butterflies had been swapped you would have had a nice angled composition. Why two pens?
author: Roger
judges comments: I think you should have stood back a bit here and angled the shot so the lettering is over to the right.
author: Jenny
judges comments: An eye catching shot. I would have liked to see the large roll of paper below the two smaller rolls of paper on the right.
author: Michael
judges comments: I like this set-up. If only you had the polar bear on the next ice sheet down and pointing at the boat it would be perfect.
author: Rosario
judges comments: Very imaginative. If the painting was angled clockwise by 20o and given space on left it would have been a strong contender.
author: Horst
judges comments: What about the big S, or do you need more paper for it. You need more room here and a less central Composition.
author: Christopher
judges comments: Here you need a focal point. An envelope with a stamp on it sticking out of the mass of stamps on the top right would have made this photo.
author: Dave
judges comments: I like this idea. It is a difficult shot to take. I would have liked to see the dart in the open sky, but timing it would have been hard.
author: Frans
judges comments: Simple but effective. The toilet roll need more space round it to the right and bottom of the shot.