Rules of the Competition
The theme of this competition is “abstract”.
Pictures to be taken with a cell phone only.
Post-processing is allowed, but only in the cell phone
Pictures to be sent via WhatsApp direct to the group, I will pick them up from there.
Closing time Sunday, 10 May.
My interpredation of the subject. Not sure, here is one of the definitions found in the internet: relating to or denoting art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but rather seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, colours, and textures.
Judging will be done by Mike Tarmey.

Some general comments from the judge
Abstract is a difficult subject to define so I hope I have been fair to everybody. Judging the competitions has been as good for me as entering them. I would like to make a few comments about cell phone photography.
My phone is a 8 year old Sony. It takes good photos and I often used it at photo club meetings.
Selecting photo brings up the camera screen. There is a button marked M, which allows me to take some control of the camera. Here I can select a Scene type, adjust exposure and white balance and switch the flash on or off. A sub menu takes me further:
I can set the image aspect ratio; I normally use 4:3, which gives a more pleasing image shape.
I can set the self-timer.
I can set the focus mode
I can set the camera to take an HDR (High Definition Range) image.
Above all remember you can turn the phone onto its side to take a photo.
Look at your own cell phones settings, they are probably more advanced than my old stager.

1st prize
author: Jenny
judges comments: Impact won here. A very good abstract, though I would have liked to see that dark centre higher and to the right.
2nd prize
author: Judith
judges comments: A good realisation of the meaning of abstract. The dark spot at the lower right is a bit distracting.
3rd prize
author: Tania
judges comments: Not as abstract perhaps as the other two, but composition is the factor here for me.
and following, the other pictures
author: Roger
judges comments: A very good idea, well photographed. My eye tends to wander, a touch of colour on a third point might have made this the winner.
author: Frans
judges comments: A well composed and effective photo which. Rightly or wrongly I preferred some of the other interpretations of abstract.
author: Jörg
judges comments: A good shot but as with 05, to my mind, not a true abstract.
author: Eric
judges comments: Another good abstract subject. Here less would have been more. Crop off the bottom third and you’ll see what I mean.
author: Horst
judges comments: The concept of abstract has been well handled here, but less would have been more. Crop off half the image leaving only the left side and it jumps out at you.
author: Hester Louise
judges comments: I like what you have done here and it was a strong contender. Crop off the top third and it would work for me.
author: Eleni
judges comments: The abstract carpet pattern is a good idea. I would like to see the white area higher but.