Rules of the Competition
The theme of this competition is “autum”.
Pictures to be taken with a cell phone only.
Post-processing is allowed, but only in the cell phone.
Pictures to be sent via WhatsApp direct to the group, I will pick them up from there.
Closing time Wednesday, 29 April, 18h00.
My interpredation of the subject. No, I don't have an interpredation.
Judging will be done by Mike Tarmey

1st prize
author: Eleni
judges comments: At first this photo worried me: Autumn? An excellent composition and great impact, but….. The discarded boots are the give-away. “No more hiking until the Spring.”
2nd prize
author: Eleni
judges comments: Well composed. The contrasting leaves lead your eye round from the top left third point.
3rd prize
author: Jörg
judges comments: A simple shot with a great triangular composition. (Right behind my cottage I have one of Sasolburg’s fifty year oak trees, carpeting my small back yard with leaves).
and following, the other pictures
author: Jenny
judges comments: This shot was a strong contender for an award. If that red leaf had been a bit lower in the frame.
author: Tania
judges comments: Another very good shot. Mask off the top of the image to see how it increases impact.
author: Hayley
judges comments: Simple and well seen. Good competition, but lacking in contrast.
author: Judith
judges comments: An imaginative shot. More of the besom and contrasting leaf in the lower right would do it.
author: Michael
judges comments: A nice diagonal, but the bright greens are overwhelming the main subject.
author: Almè
judges comments: A good back-lit subject. I looked at a quick crop angling the image. It made all the difference.
author: Hester Louise
judges comments: A good shot. If the joint between those branches had been on the top right third point it would have been a strong composition.
author: Frans
judges comments: A great Idea. The leaves are well placed but the hand is competing with them. It should be there, but reaching in to the leaves from top left.
author: Horst
judges comments: I like the composition, but the branches overwhelm the leaves. In the field we would not notice the lack of Contrast.
author: Eric
judges comments: This was a contender for the winners’ rostrum. Mask off to just below the yellow leaves and see how it strengthens the picture.
author: Allen
judges comments: A good image with the background out of focus. The group of leaves need to be towards the bottom left corner to strengthen the composition.
author: Dave
judges comments: The idea of a silhouette against the sky is good. I would like to see the branches over to the right and the moon higher to fit in the gap.