Wathaba (13 - 15 Feb 2010)

Roadworks delayed the journey for all, but all arrived safely to a fairly rustic little wooden camp at the bottom of a steep valley right Wathaba1002.jpg, 921654 bytesnext to a constantly murmering river. Well set up with edge to edge bed round the perimeter of the room, nice touches in the ablutions/scullery, and lots of wattle wood for fires for the donkey to warm showers and the seductive tin bath used with incense and candles and rose petals by Judith and Horst - separately and individually of course. No electricity but we are at last all equipped with lamps!!! Per kind favour of Allen!!
After a good night's sleep (Lydia with mattrass in the kitchen) we set off at the normal hour for a most beautiful hike starting off down along the rushing river interspersed with little rapids and falls (rather 'Discovery' with rock steps and bridges) and eventually rising up through indigenous/rather 'wattley' forests past other little streams (lots of water due to the rains) to the rich grassland right on top. Fabulous mountain views in all directions, a perfect combination of open grassland and shady walks, and some big waterfalls. Quite a slow outing with lots of stops, not too taxing,
Right after lunch the universe regaled us with a spectacular exhibition of rumbling, crashing, growling thunder-and-lightning and light rain, which lasted long enough to wet us all thoroughly, although it was by no means unpleasant, and the rest of the day continued cool and slightly drizzly. We ended up high above our camp with a sharp zigzag to the bottom, very wet and boots clogged with sticky red clay.
Wathaba1001.jpg, 931254 bytesOur hostess arrived with two pans of warm mielie bread and a big (well deserved) lecture for Frans who was digging in his heels about signing the indemnity form, and a braai was achieved despite the rain.
We woke to driving rain on the corrugated iron roof, and the river had come down all brown and churned up, right over the step on the 'landing' and it continued drizzling to the point where donning wet clothes and soggy boots seemed most unattractive so Judith, Frans and Horst wandered off for a short walk to the waterfall and the rest of up pottered about and played some games and nibbled etc until it was time to Do Lunch and Leave. As always, a lovely relaxing weekend, and we could see why some of our eager beavers were doing the hike for the THIRD time! There may even be a FOURTH time in some of the other accommodation????

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