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Heeeee Haaaar!  Once again - what a fab hike!!!  Thanks for the find and organisation, Tania.....I think we all enjoyed every minute of it....after a pleasant drive across what looked like boringly flat farm land, we came to Buffalo Ranch, and were redirected to where we eventually drove down and down and DOWN into the bottom of the gorge,( having passed large herds of plains- game on the upland, and a Klipspringer greeting us as we came towards the camp) and found our little patch of green and manicured garden and a comfortable little house, with quite spacious bedrooms, excellently equipped kitchen , open living area and dear little Elias to make fires and wash dishes! 

What luxury.  Even a  pool with a slide, if only it had been Summer....and the teeniest, threadiest, thinnest little snake with shiny eyes in the pool! AND a batch/clutch/herd?? of cheeky little black bantams which kept us amused when nothing else was happening....and monkeys bounced around amongst the rocks and trees next to the was all absolute heaven!!1

After an evening of Rummicub and a lot of display of all the latest technical gadgetry, we had our latest-ever start for a hike next morning, as we knew it was a short hike, (10h00!) It was quite stiff as it took us to the top of the one side of our deep gorge, round the back and straight down - not that short and quite sharp!!!  The rest of the day passed pleasantly, with afternoon tea and delish birthday cake from Charmie for Jorg's 37th happy birthday, and leisurely preparations for The Fondues.  Which were consumed by candle light out at the pool - everything of the most delicious and abundant -  Cheese AND Chocolate....what a treat!!!  And as usual the endless woffle on various earth-shattering subjects round the fire afterwards!!

Next day - a short walk up the OTHER side of the gorge (the drama here was that on the return, Jorg, front walker at that time, saw, not one, but in the short space of 20 minutes, TWO black mambas at very close quarters. Only his manly pride prevented him from flattening the people behind him! Fortunately he survived with only mild shock)  and back to pack up, as The Lions were being fed between 12 and 13h00 at the main lodge. 

We were really sorry to leave the lovely spot but also very keen to see the lions being fed....and they did not disappoint, as a bakkie drove around in their camp  and large pieces of cow were dumped for their consumption....the one male galloped after the bakkie and clawed his share off before it had hardly stopped...the really interesting thing here was that the females, although very eager, would NOT take their meat until the male had taken his, and I felt that he dragged his heels just keep the females in line. Bit of a hog actually, as he later confiscated the females' meat as well! There was a veld fire in the lions' camp to add to the excitement and photo opportunities. >Many photos later there was talk of a lion pic competition?? To be sent to Oscar for adjudication???

After a bit of a mooch around looking at various other little beasts and birds in cages, we decided against the buffet at the lodge..(Buffalo Ranch) and took off for hammies at the Shell Stop en route home. As we had given Jorg a lift, our trip ended up with tea and Charmie-made milk tart at the Junior Mullers home were we saw the pictures of their new property.

All in all a lovely weekend, and thank to everyone for making it so special... Nice that Kelly was there too!Thanks for the lift Janine....let us know what the petrol cost!!

Look forward to the July Day Hike....on 29th, I hope, as my Aunt turns 100 on 22nd!!!  I'll have to be there.

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