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Kommandonek 28 October 2014)

Kommandonek ridge There we are, the job of writing up the story has been done for me by Jenny. Just a quick explanation, the hike is on the farm Kommandonek which is just out of Parys on the Vredefort road turn right to Schoemansdrift.

Six met at Horst and Eleni's house, and travelled in the Venture to South of Parys, along the Vaal KN...where we met Fred, who enthusiastically told us about the wonders of the venue....and it IS nice...lots of trees with 'tak bokke' reclining in the shade on the lawn....pretty accommodation, heated pool, good service (he tells us) - he was still talking as we set off, and we could hear his voice going on behind us!!

Kommandonek gameThe walk was quite stiff, steeply up to the top of one of the big meteorite 'ripples' and Very Hot. (Well... we did start late) Lovely views in all directions from the top - to Parys, Vredefort and the River. Amazing to be right ON and at the foot of this amazing smashed up ridge of ancient mountains...The group split at a point where the camel men chose the high road Kommandonek swimming pooland ended up having a lovely swim in a dam, while the girls took the low road and passed the plain where small herds of different plains game were to be observed...WHAT is the name of the dark 'bok' in the picture??. Our game expert, Eric, says its a Roan Antelope)

When we all met up, we moseyed on to Hadeda Creek River Rafting Camp, down the road, where a nice man opened the bar, and we lolled on the grass looking at the river wafting past our feet...
Quite late by the time we got home, but a lovely day under the belt.

We hope for more of these outings!!
And look what I managed to find, a Chinspot Batis sitting on the nest and holding still for a picture.

And why is it called Kommandonek? It has something to do with he commandos during the Boer War, the nek was certainly a superb view point to see any British troops approaching. At one place we found the remnants of a laager which could well have been a camp of the Boer comando.

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