Kliprivierberg hike 26 July 2009

Kliprivierberg01.jpg, 164824 bytesThe Kliprivierberg is just south of Johannesburg, it forms a ridge to the south. The mountains near Mondeor have been declared a nature reserve and it is open to the public free of charge. Something that doesn't happen very often now-a days, thus we had to go and hike these mountains.
Jenny got us all organised and we had Jenny, Janine, Lydia, Jim, me, Eric, Brent, Will and already forgotten the name, friends of Jenny.
Kliprivierberg02.jpg, 158841 bytesWe did, I presume, the standard tour, up to the trig point, south to the Marais farm and back up the river to the starting point. I didn't take my GPS, but as a guess I would say we covered about 10km, except for Eric and Brent who did some of the hiking twice to recover his sunglasses he had left behind att the farm.
Of interest are old kraals dating back to the 14th century and the remnants of the Marais farm who came to farm here in 1850. More information about the reserve can be found on the website of the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve association: http://www.knra.co.za/ And then there was the highlight of the hike, the Picnic. There are tables at the entrance and we occupied some of them for our picnic. What made it special that each person brought something. So we had pieces of chicken and sausages, salads, Russian eggs, bread rolls, fried Holoumi, a real feast. Very enjoyable, we must do this again.

Kliprivierberg03.jpg, 54044 bytes
Note from the ed: sadly this was the last hike of Jim before he passed away in November. He is sitting at the broad side of the table facing the camera.

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