14-Sept-2012 (Friday)

Just come out of the hot tub, it was lovely. Now its time for dinner and report writing.
Set off in the morning to go north and take in as many points of interest as possible. We checked out water falls, light houses, bridges, former naval basis and some hot springs. We also had a look at some hot houses growing cucumbers.
And than we came to a camp site which was empty. The manager was found and he explained that they are actually closing down for the year. But we can stay for the night. We were the only campers and had the place , which included a hot tub and an Aufenhaltsraum, to ourselves. The hot tub is fed direct from a hot spring so we felt nothing to use it for extended periods. And before that we had a walk along a laid out trail on the property.

15-Sept-2012 (Saturday)

After a short walk down to the river we were on our way. Reversing our direction and first stopped at Reyholt, it is a historical place in that Snorri, their first writer, lived here and bathed in the hot spring. There is also a museum, but at IKr1000 we gave it a miss. Our requirement for historical facts has been fully satisfied at the national Museum and all the other museums we have visited.
We made sure we did not miss the gorge, which gorge? This the gorge of the river Borgarhreppur, it looks like somebody put a straight line on a drawing board and said 'I want a gorge here'. It is straight up and down from the bridge.
From this point I took over the steering wheel. So far I was very happy letting Jörg do the driving, but I felt that since I will have the car after I drop Jörg at the airport I must get some practise in driving on the 'wrong' side of the road.
This time we took the short cut through the tunnel from Arkenes under the bay Hvalfjörður doing 6km instead of the 63 all around. Cost us IKr1000, it was a good feeling driving underneath the ocean.
We still stopped at a huge House and Home, which included a gardening shop. Mainly to see what sort of seeds they sell, in case there is something interesting. But the shop keeps no seeds, there is a very specific shop, something like a agricultural cooperative in Reykjavik where we could get seeds. We didn't bother.
And now straight through Reykjavik and to Kevlavik to the hostel which we found without much problems.

16-Sept-2012 (Sunday)

I took Jörg to the airport at 05h30 and we said good bye. I kept the car since I still need to get around for a day and a half. After some studying of maps and looking at options I decided that I must climb Keilir, 379m high and accessible after a 2km hike. It is a mountain clearly visible from Arkenes looking across the bay.
There it is, this conical looking hill. So I went over and breezed up the slope, shows how fit I had now become.
By 15h30 I was back in the hostel and called it a day. Have got fast and unlimited Internet here.

17-Sept-2012 (Monday)

My last day, which I spent just going around the peninsula through Garður and Sandgerdi. Saw some nice and beautiful churches, well looked after. By lunch time I handed in the car and in the early afternoon off to Berlin Schönefeld.

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