Baskop 25 October 09

Baskop09 02.html.jpg, 167816 bytesMany thanks Tania and Allen for organising Sunday's hike.
Who was there? Tania, Allen, Michael, Horst, Christopher, Eric, Judith & Frans, Jenny and me.
A dubious start, we got lost and it was threatening rain, but we ended up having a super day. It was very pleasant walking along the Vaal River and then out in the open to the top of the hill where we had lunch.
We surveyed below us the valley where the meteorite must have hit all those zillions of years ago.
Baskop09 02.html.jpg, 167816 bytes
As is our luck, the rain held off the whole day, and after our hike, we went to the Berry Farm, near Parys, and had coffee & the most delicious cheesecake. A great way to end a hike!
thankx again and to Eric for sharing his lunch with me Lydia
And where was that? Near Parys on the Vaal river. It is a fairly new hike set up by Jacana. It is actually a multi-day hike and we are planning to do more of it later.

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